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Places To Stay In York With Dogs

Nobody likes to leave their dog in the kennels whilst they are away and with all the places to stay in York with dogs that are available, there is no need to! Many people think that they need to put their dog(s) in kennels because there are no hotels or other forms of accommodation that are pet friendly. Putting your dog in kennels can be a worrying time for not only you but it can also be traumatic time for your dog. However, this said sometimes taking your dog on holiday with you can unfortunately not be the best thing. This is because some dogs can find a change in their routine, the environment and travelling stressful. If your dog does not suffer from any of the above and is ok with travelling and a change of his/her routine, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of places to stay in York with dogs.

More and more establishments throughout the world are now catering for pets, especially dogs and York is no different. York now has a wide range of hotels, self-catering apartments and country lodges that are pet friendly, meaning you do not need to leave your dog behind when you visit the city.

Taking Your Dog

Although there are many establishments in York that are pet friendly and are more than happy to cater for your dog, many of them do ask for prior arrangement. If you are wishing to take your dog with you, you will have to contact the place you are wishing to stay and notify them in advance that you intend bringing your dog. This is simply so that they can make arrangements and that everything you need for your dog is on hand when you arrive. As you can imagine, they will need to arrange everything beforehand and if you simply turn up at the hotel with a dog without warning them in advance, it may create a view problems that could otherwise have be avoided.

Well Behaved Dogs

When you are searching for places to stay in York with dogs, you may see many establishments advertising that they are ‘Pet Friendly’ but also say ‘Well Behaved Pets Welcome’. This is not a negative attitude adopted by the establishment and is not something to take personal if your dog is not well behaved. As I am sure you can appreciate, the owners of the establishments in York try to accommodate and cater for pet owners but they also have a business to run and have to think of other guests too. They say ‘Well Behaved Pets Welcome’ for obvious reason because the last thing they want is for a dog to be barking throughout the night keeping all the other guests awake or for it to be fouling in the room or chewing the furniture. This is something that you need to take into account and only you know how ‘well behaved’ your dog is and you should be sensible and considerate in your decision.

Choosing One Of The Places To Stay In York With Dogs

York is fortunate enough to be surrounded by some lovely idyllic settings. Just a few minutes drive from York city centre and you have an expanse of North Yorkshire countryside to choose from. The wonderful open fields, walkways and rivers make walking your dog(s) an absolute pleasure. Wherever you choose to stay with your dog, you will not be too far away from any of these facilities.

There are many places to stay that are pet friendly and depending on what kind of dog you have can sometimes determine the choice of the place to which you might stay. There are a variety of different types of accommodation to choose from such as traditional Bed and Breakfast establishment, hotels, lodges, campsites, cabins and static mobile homes. If your dog is quite demanding in terms of exercise and likes to be walked several times a day, choosing one of the places to stay in York that are a little out of the city centre might be a better option. There are many great places just outside York that offer the perfect place to stay and also provide access to some wonderful open air country walks. The country parks that are available certainly provide the ideal place to stay with your dog because they are located in woodland and offer acres of land to where you can spend hours walking your dog.

Obviously, the city hotels are a little more restricted in terms of places to walk your dog but there are many nice establishment that are suitable. Everyone is different and you will know which ones are best suited for your own needs and more so your dogs.

A Few Things To Remember When Searching For Places To Stay In York With Dogs

When you are looking for places to stay with your dog(s) you should also check that the establishment you choose has all your dog needs. You should also check with the vet that your dog(s) are fit and healthy to travel and that all their treatments are up to date. If your dog(s) need any medication, you should ensure that you have enough medication with you for the duration of your stay.

Ensure that your dog(s) has a collar with all the appropriate details and information such as your contact telephone number or the address of the place you are staying.

Pet Insurance

Ensure you have the appropriate pet insurance for your dog(s) and that is up to date. Pet insurance is relatively cheap in comparison to the bills you could face if your dog(s) needed treatment, damaged property or injured a third person.


If you are hoping to take your dog away with you, be sensible. Consider what is right for you and your dog(s). Choose an establishment that has all the correct facilities to cater for your dog(s) and ensure that your dog has all the medication it may need for the duration of your holiday.

We hope that this page has been beneficial and that it has help in you choosing one of the places to stay in York with dogs.