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Places To Stay In York With Children

One of the more commonly asked questions is “where are the best places to stay in York with children”. The simple answer would be “that depends on your requirements!”

People visit York for many different reasons and also have children of all different ages. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when you are choosing places to stay with children and obviously, this will then determine which form of accommodation it best suitable for you.

You will need to take into account how long you will be staying in York, what facilities you need and also what budget you have to spend. One thing you should remember is that most places to stay in York cater for families simply because they would be foolish not to. York has many attractions that a family orientated and therefore have a large number of visitors from families throughout the year. Not only that, York has a large number of school parties visiting the city throughout the year, so the hotels need to cater for children of all ages.

Different Types Of Places To Stay In York With Children

Different types of accommodation will obviously suit different people and obviously, the number in your group will play a large factor in determining how much your accommodation will cost. Many people who are looking for places to stay in York with children prefer to go down the route of self catering, this is simply because it provides a more homely feel and also allows them to set their own meal times for breakfast, dinner and evening meal. It also allows them to take their own food and drink which is helpful, especially if you have fussy eaters or children that require a special diet!

Another great plus point of choosing a self catering accommodation is that they generally offer a larger space for children to play. Many of the self catering accommodation that are available in York or close by, are country parks that offer acres of land for children to play. Most of these country parks also offer a wide range of activities for children which keep them occupied throughout the day.

If there are several people in your party and you are travelling on a limited budget, you might be better off looking for self catering accommodation

How Old Are Your Children

One of the main factors to take into consideration when searching for places to stay in York with children is the age of your children. Obviously new born babies will need special requirements and if you are planning to stay in any accommodation with a new born child, you should ensure that the establishment you wish to stay in is fully equip to accommodate your needs. It is advisable that before you book your accommodation, you should contact the place you are wishing to stay and confirm that they have all the facilities you need before actually making the booking.

The older you children are, the more adaptable they become and finding accommodation to suit their need does become a little easier.

How Long Do You Wish To Stay

The length of time you wish to stay is also a major factor. If you are only staying in York for one night, then you would probably be more inclined to pay a little extra to be more central and near to the main attractions. If you are planning on staying a week or more, then it is wise to search all the different types of accommodation this are available to you.

Family Rooms

Most hotels cater for families and the majority of them offer family rooms. It is always worth asking any hotel if they cater for families because it may be that they can add an extra bed in a room that is not actually advertised as a family room. Family rooms generally offer good value for money and it means that all the family can be in one room without becoming separated in different rooms. Many of the larger hotel chains always offer family rooms and if you keep your eye out, you can often find that these rooms have regular offers and promotions on them.


One thing that you really need to consider when you are looking for places to stay in York with children is the location of your accommodation. If you are visiting York for a specific reason or an event and need to be at a certain location or venue at a specific time, then you should consider the time it will take you to reach where you need to be from your accommodation. This might seem an obvious thing to point out but you would be surprised at how many people book their accommodation because it is cheap and then find they are quite a distance from where they need to be. This then results in it taking longer to reach the place they need to be and can often be more expensive in terms of transport costs, than it would have been to stay somewhere a little closer.

If you do find accommodation that is a little further out and you are relying on public transport to get in and out of York, you really should check what transport is available to you and how close it is from your accommodation. Using public transport can be difficult sometimes with children and the last thing you want is to have to walk a long distance to and from the bus stop or train station.

Tip: A good tip when you are searching for places to stay in York with children is to find the postcode of the hotel you wish to stay at and then find the postcode of the place/venue where you need to be. Then go to Google maps and put in postcode 1 to postcode 2. It will then display the route and also the distance between each postcode.

Things To Do

Although there are plenty of things to do in York with children, you will need to consider what there will be available for your children to do when they are back at your accommodation. If you are staying in York for a long period of time, there will no doubt be long periods of time spent at your chosen accommodation. Having activities on hand to keep your children entertained for these periods in a major plus point. You should certainly try to find somewhere that can provide such entertainment or activities. As I mentioned previously, many of the country parks provide activities for children but it is certainly worth asking the hotels what they offer.

There are many places to stay in York with children and we hope that this page has helped you answer a few basic questions that you may have had.