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Places To Stay In York For Groups

York is very popular throughout the year with large groups of people for many reasons. The city of York attracts a large variety of different groups of people from all walks of life and nationalities. These groups of people generally visit York to attend the many events that are held in the city each year. From groups of school children attending museums to business men and women attending conferences, the hotels are busy all year round.

One of the most popular times when large groups of people descend on York is when The York Races are taking place. This is a very busy time in the city and if you are looking at planning a trip to York with a group of people during the Races and would like to stay in one of the hotels, it is advisable to book well in advance as the hotels do become booked up quickly. As you can imagine, the hotels in York at this time are very busy and many of them are catering for both small and large group bookings from tour companies, families and groups of friends. As well as the Races, York hosts many other events throughout the year such as Festivals, Fairs, Markets and Exhibitions. Christmas and New Year festivities are popular in the city and once again, many of the hotels in York are busy over these periods as many groups visit York for the Christmas markets, Christmas shopping and New Years Eve festivities.

Each one of these events attracts large numbers of people to the city and as a result, the hotels offer great deals on group bookings. Some of the hotels will actually advertise they offer these discounts on group bookings but in some cases you will need to ask them.

If you are looking for places to stay in York for groups, you should not have too much difficulty finding a place to stay that caters for your needs and requirements. The best option is to contact the hotel direct and ask them what deals they can give you for the dates and numbers you require. Explain that you would like to book a certain number of rooms and if they can give you a discount if you make a booking.

What Kind Of Accommodation Is Available For your Groups


Hotels are obviously a very popular choice with visitors, simply because they offer a large number of rooms. These tend to be the first choice with business professionals attending meeting and conferences.

Depending on the size of your group will determine the best place to stay to suit your needs. If you are holding an event such as a conference that will be attended by a large number of people, you may be better trying to secure a deal with one of the larger hotels. These larger hotels are generally more set up for catering for conferences and catering for larger groups.

Self-Catering Properties

Self-catering properties such as apartments, houses, villas, lodges and cabins all offer the perfect place for larger groups of people to stay. The beauty of staying in any one of these types of properties is that it means your can all stay under the same roof instead of being split up, as this can often be the case if you were to stay in a hotel. Self-catering properties are ideal if you are planning a short break away with a group of friends or family and are hoping to have a good old get together.

Stag And Hen Nights

If you are planning to visit York on a Stag or Hen Night, you might find that certain hotels and other establishments do not cater for this type of group. If you are trying to make a group booking in one of the hotels in York for a Stag or Hen Night, it is advisable to check with the hotel prior to booking as to whether they are happy to take the booking or not.

Business Meetings And Conferences

As with any major city, York has many hotels that cater for business meetings and conferences. Most hotels have some form of meeting or function room that is fully equip with facilities for meetings. Many of the larger hotels in York also cater for large conferences and have all the facilities you need to host or put on a conference. As a result of this, many hotels are geared up to catering for large group bookings from businesses, clubs schools and other societies that want to make large bookings.

Weddings And Functions

If you are hoping to have your wedding reception at one of the hotels in York, the chances are that they will be able to offer you some form of discount for your guests. This is normally because they know that a large number of guests that are attending your wedding would prefer to stay at the hotel overnight if possible, especially if the price is right! Offering a discount on a group booking for wedding parties works both ways. The hotel is guaranteed to be full and the guests are happy because they know they can have a drink and enjoy themselves without having to worry about getting home.


Hostels are a great low cost options for groups of people visiting the city. If you are travelling on a limited budget, hostels are certainly worth checking out. There are several hostels in York and you can choose from shared rooms to private rooms with en-suite.

Camping Sites

Camping may not be the first choice for everyone but it certainly can provide a very cost effective option. There are many camp sites in and around York and they all provide a variety of facilities to make your stay enjoyable.

Lodges, Cabins And Static Homes

These really can provide a fantastic form of accommodation and can accommodate large groups of people at one time. York has a wide range of country parks that offer country lodges, log cabins and static homes. These country parks have a wide range of facilities and many have swimming pools, adventure playgrounds and hot tubs.

Summary Of Places To Stay In York For Groups

Many of the accommodation in York caters for large groups of people and if you are planning visiting York and want to make a booking for a group of people, it may be worth contacting the establishment direct to try and secure a deal.

We hope that the information above has been beneficial and has answered some of the questions you may have regarding places to stay in York for groups.