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It is said that where there is history there are ghosts and this could be just one reason why York is meant to be one of the most haunted cities in Europe, if not the world. York was home to many great battles and certainly saw its share of unpleasant deaths. With all the history that York has to offer dating back centuries, the dark back streets and alleyways that make up this historic city hold many a tale and mysteries of past events. As a result, it’s not surprising that there are a number of haunted places to stay in York.

If you prefer to stay in the more spooky choice of establishments where things go bump in the night, then this page may interest you. This page is designed to highlight some of the most notorious places to stay in York that are supposed to be haunted.

A List Of Haunted Places To Stay In York

The Golden Fleece Pub York

The Golden Fleece in York is one of the oldest pubs in the city and is said to be its most haunted. Dating back to 1503 The Golden Fleece pub has had its fair share of tragedy, murders and suicides and is supposed to be home to many spirits and ghosts. The Golden Fleece pub was featured in the TV programme ‘Most Haunted’ which told the stories of the many resident ghosts. (you can watch the TV programme at the bottom of this page).

One of the most famous of all the ghosts at the Golden Fleece Pub in York, is the wife of the one of the former owners of the pub and also Lord Mayor of York in 1702, John Peckett. His wife the late Lady Alice Peckett has had many sighting from guests staying in the pub. She has been seen wandering up and down the stairs, through the corridors and rearranges furniture on her late night outings.

St Catherine’s Room

The figure of a tall woman dressed in black has been sighted stood guarding the door.

In The Bar

The back bar or bottom bar of the pub has several regular visitors. One Eyed Jack is a man dressed in a red coat carrying a pistol and he is a regular sighting in the bottom bar as his apparition is seen pacing up and down the bar. Another of the resident ghosts is that of a young boy believed to have been from Victorian times who died from being trampled on by horses. There are also claims of people feeling faint in the bar and also feeling discomfort and tightening around the neck area as though they were being strangled.

The Minster Room

In this room, paranormal activity such as the bed moving on its own, the bathroom door slams on its own and the sound of a baby crying have all been reported.

Where Is The Golden Fleece In York

The Golden Fleece in York is located opposite the famous Shambles.

16 Pavement, York, North Yorkshire YO1 9UP

The Old White Swan

The Old White Swan is located in the centre of York and is one of Yorks oldest pubs dating back to the 16th Century. The pub has had several ghostly sightings and the most common is a group of peole hudled around the fire in the early morning. The pub was believed to be a secret meeting place for members of the church who were planning to flee the country to France.

The Old White Swan Goodramgate York

80 Goodramgate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 7LF

Best Western Plus Dean Court Hotel, Duncombe Place, York

Situated in the centre of York and adjacent to York Minster, The Best Western Dean Court Hotel has had its fair share of ghostly sightings and activity. The most famous of all the ghosts at the hotel is that of one of the late cleaners who actually worked at the hotel in days gone by. The ghost of the cleaner is known as the ‘Mad Maid’ and is said to have been sighted in the basement area of the hotel and also the kitchen.

The Guy Fawkes Inn

The Guy Fawkes Inn in York was supposedly the birth place of the famous plotter Guy Fawkes himself, who was Born in 1570 in the cottage where the hotel is now located. The hotel is situated just a few steps from York Minster and has had several unusual sightings and events happen throughout the building.

The Black Swan Hotel In Helmsley York

Although not actually in York centre itself, The Black Swan hotel in Helmsley is another one of the hotels that has a reputation for being haunted. Unlike The Golden Fleece, the origins of the ghosts that take up residence in The Black Swan are not known but there have been many sightings of several ghosts and the more common sightings are of a well-dressed man and a blonde woman. The hotel dates back over 500 years and with this, comes a lot of history. The Black Swan consists of three building, one of which is Georgian, one Elizabethan and the other is of a black and white Tudor design.

Watch The TV Programme Most Haunted At The olden Fleece Pub York

Haunted Walks In York

As mentioned earlier, York is one of the most haunted cities in Europe and as a result, the are many great ghost walks around the city on a regular basis. These ghost walks take you around York and visit some of the most haunted places in York such as streets, houses and attractions.

York Ghost Festival

The York Ghost festival usually takes place in October to coincide with Halloween and is great for anyone who is interested in

Ghost Walks In York

York has some wonderful haunted walks that are run throughout the year and if you enjoy being scared, you should book yourself on one of the haunted tours whilst you are visiting the historic city and staying in one of the haunted places to stay in York.