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When traveling to the beautiful historic Yorkshire city, people often ask the question: “where can I find cheap hotels in York?” The honest answer is, everywhere!

Let’s face it, nobody ever likes to pay more money than is necessary when booking a hotel but sadly they do and do so without even realising that they could have paid much less had they only taken the time to look!

Many people leave it until the last minute to try and find a hotel and as a result, either panic book their hotel or settle for the first hotel they find. There are many people that still believe in just turning up at the hotel on the same day as they travel without prebooking a room and although you can do this, it only results in one thing and that is paying the highest price.

Simply turning up at the hotel will put the hotel receptionist in the best position to charge you the full rate for a room. They will know you are desperate for a room and that you probably will not want to spend your time walking around the city trying to find cheap hotels in York.

The Best Way To Find Cheap Hotels In York

It may be that you already have a hotel in mind or you may know a couple of hotels where you would like to stay.  Many people try to book directly through the hotel but it is sometimes much cheaper to book through one of the hotel comparison search engines or brokers. The search engines will search several hotel brokers and then provide you with the best results. It is amazing to see just how much these prices can vary from one broker to another.

With the introduction of the Internet and so many websites now offering accommodation, it has made it even easier to find the best deals on hotels. However, shopping around can pay dividends.

Searching the Internet and typing your details into individual websites can be very time consuming, so I have provided a couple of search facilities that will help you find the best current deals for cheap hotels in York.

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