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Campsites In York – A Basic Guide

In your search for places to stay in York, why not consider staying at one of the many campsites in York that provide quality facilities to their guests. Although camping may not seem like the ideal form of accommodation throughout the Winter months, it certainly offers idyllic settings with beautiful backdrops of North Yorkshire throughout the warm summer months.

Admittedly, camping is not everyone’s cup of tea and even if the weather is warm, some people will simply not entertain camping. However, some people just wouldn’t choose anything else and if you are one of those people who simply loves the ‘Great Outdoors’ and loves being at one with nature, then staying at one of the many campsite in York or close by to York could be the perfect place to stay when visiting York.

Although the majority of people associate campsites with sleeping in tents, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, most campsites do accommodate people bringing their own tents and pitching it on their land but the majority of ‘serviced’ holiday campsites offer much more. Most fully serviced campsites now cater for touring caravans, motor Homes and Static Caravans. In fact,  a large number of these campsites actually have their own Static Caravans that they rent out to customers throughout the year. These Static Caravan really are surprising comfortable and some of them are very luxurious and spacious. They have their own kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms and can house large numbers of people.

Many of the larger campsites in York are open 12 months of the year due to the fact that these Static Caravans can be used in both Winter and Summer regardless of the weather. Many people actually prefer to visit and stay at the campsites in the winter months as they are less crowded and provide a beautiful setting for a tranquil break away.

Location of The Campsites

As I’m sure you can appreciate, most of the campsites in York tend to be a little further out of the city centre than other forms of accommodation. This said, you have a wide choice of campsites to choose from, that are located in various different locations around York. Some are located just outside the city centre and only take 15 minutes to walk into the centre, some a few miles out of the city, whilst others are located in nearby towns and villages.

Many people enjoy staying a little further out of the city centre as it provides them with a peaceful haven to retreat to after a long day site seeing.

Most of the campsites in York have facilities to accommodate people who wish to either stay in tents, caravans or motor homes. Obviously, you will need to do a little research into which ones offer you the facilities that you require for your stay but with the wide selection of campsites that are available to you, you certainly will not have any problem finding one that best suits your needs and budget.

Prices For Campsites In York

The prices for your stay on one of the campsites will vary and will be determined on many factors. Obviously a couple of the main factors will be location and what facilities are available to you on the campsites. If you are looking for a basic area to pitch your tent with basic facilities, you will pay far less than you would for a campsite that provided a wide range of facilities and amenities. You have a choice of locations that range from farmer’s fields to fully serviced campsites and as I said previously, the prices for these will be reflected in what is on offer to you.

Another factor that will determine the price of your stay is the time of year. As you can imagine, you will be paying premium rate for any pitch on any campsite during peak periods such as the summer months or school holidays. However, some of the campsites to have some great deals on offer throughout these periods and it is always worth checking with them all before you book.

Facilities On Campsites

As I mentioned previously, there are very basic campsites that offer you a place to pitch your tent and somewhere to wash and there are fully serviced campsites that offer you a whole range of facilities and entertainment. The following list is just a few of the facilities that many of the campsites in York offer to their guest.



Hook Ups




Washing Up Rooms

Licenced Bars

Evening Entertainment – Bingo, Caberet, Quiz nights

Sports – Fishing

Swimming pools

Play Grounds


Sky Sports

Find The Best Deals On Campsites In York

As with any other kind of accommodation, it all boils down to personal preference, requirements and obviously budget. It is always wise to shop around and do a little research before you actually decide on making your booking. As I said earlier, many of the campsites do run special offers and promotions throughout the year so seen if you can grab a bargain by getting one yourself.

Sometimes, it is worth staying a little further out of the city (especially if you have your own transport), as you can often get more for your money in terms of facilities and entertainment, than you would staying closer to the city. Obviously, you need to calculate the cost of getting to and from the city during your stay and weigh it up against how much you would save by staying closer but then again, if you have more facilities and entertainment on available to you, you might not want to leave the campsite as much!


Campsites in York offer ideal places to stay and have a wide range of advantages. They are great for families with children as the provide a safe environment for children to play. They are a viable option for people who are wanting to visit York and surrounding areas and attraction, without having to pay the premium rates that many of the city hotels would charge.

Always shop around and you will be sure to find a good deal on campsites in York to suit your budget.