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A Guide To Boutique Hotels York

What does the term ‘Boutique Hotels York’ mean?

If you have been looking for a quality, luxury hotel to stay in whilst in York, you may have seen the words ‘Boutique Hotel’ advertised in the description of the hotel our on a website. If you have ever wondered why some hotels use this term, I hope that the following guide will help explain it a little.

Boutique Hotels York And Why They Are So

The word ‘boutique’ can be a little confusing and to be honest, nobody is one hundred percent certain as to what clarifies a hotel as being ‘Boutique’. It is not surprising why many people wonder what the difference between ‘luxury’ and ‘Boutique’ actually is. The term ‘boutique’ has been used for quite some time now in the UK, probably since the 1980’s and it is a term that is becoming more and more popular with hoteliers. Although it is still not exactly set in stone as to what actually defines a ‘Boutique Hotel’, there are many factors that contribute to a hotel being able to class themselves as one.

Boutique Hotels York Boutique Hotels YorkA hotel is described as a ‘Boutique Hotel’ when it offers many different qualities such as: A unique and personal theme, a certain ambience and atmosphere, an intimate location, stylish décor, themed rooms, historic architecture, luxurious facilities and impeccable quality of service with a personal touch.

Most boutique hotels are individual hotels of a relatively small nature, usually under 100 rooms and do not belong to a large company or chain of hotels. This in itself can offer the personal touch that many boutique hotels pride themselves with and also to what their guests would expect as well as offering a 24 hour personal guest service.

There are a several boutique hotels York that offer outstanding facilities, luxurious living and oose quality.

A List Of Boutique Hotels York

Marmadukes Boutique Hotel: Marmadukes Boutique Hotel is a 4 star contemporary luxury hotel that offers a unique experience to its guest. The hotel has been designed and decorated boosting the finest Italian fabrics that compliment the history and character of the building itself. Each one of the guest rooms in the hotel is different as you would expect from a boutique hotel but each one offers luxury facilities from hand made mattresses that are dressed in the softest Egyptian cotton sheets to luxury Aromatherapy toiletries.

Grays Court Hotel: Grays Court is one of Yorks finest Boutique hotels that has over 900 years of history attached to it. It location between the city walls and the Minster make it the ideal base for any visitor. Each room is individually decorated in its own unique style with carefully chosen antique furniture and many have views looking onto the historic city. Guests also have luxury products in their room and have a choice of  goose-down or hypo-allergenic duvets for a cosy night sleep.

Grange Hotel: The Grange hotel is an award winning Boutique with an excellent location in the city. this Grade 11 listed building provides its guest with a unique experience. Each room has the finest towels, quality showers, ceramic tiled floors and some of the premier rooms have TV’s at the end of each bath. Guests can enjoy complimentary Internet conmnection throughout the hotel. The hotel also offers two award winning restaurants that are located in the hotel for guests to enjoy.

How Much Do The Boutique Hotels In York Cost

Well, as I am sure you can appreciate, these hotels are all of the finest quality and therefore quite rightly can command a much higher price for their rooms than any of the other hotels in the city. However, just like any other hotel, these Boutique hotels in York often have special offers running throughout the year that really are great value and if your budget can stretch a little further, really are worth the extra few pounds!

The easiest way to find the best deals on these Boutique hotels, is to simply shop around and see what deals are on offer.

The above hotels are to name but a few that are classed as ‘Boutique Hotels’ and are well worth taking a look at, if you are wanting to stay in a boutique hotel in York